Food Fantasies
Food Fantasies

Food Fantasies

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Photo print behind acrylic glass glossy

The pictorial representation is for inspiration only. For the exact production details and illustrations, please visit WHITE WALL.

Photos behind acrylic glass are particularly stable in combination with the three-layer system of Alu-Dibond. Permanently elastic silicone seals the different materials together and guarantees a durable, bubble- and crack-free lamination.

We charge 50% extra on the production costs for the good cause.

100% of the profit will be donated to Die Arche Frankfurt.


eco-friendly materials

We pay a lot of attention to high quality and sustainable materials for our products. For example we use organic cotton for clothing and offer prints on wood as a renewable material.

social benefit

Our profit from each and every sale through this online shop goes directly to poor families living in Frankfurt. We support "Die Arche" in our town since 2015 with donations and organize day-trips for the kids.